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Craigs dating dating list seattle wa

Sometimes the link included in spoofed e-mails looks like a genuine Amazon Payments address. It’s scary how good some of these scam artists are.

You can check where it actually points to by hovering your mouse over the link–the actual website where it points to will be shown in the status bar at the bottom of your browser window or as a pop-up. .” or an IP address (string of numbers) followed by directories such as “ I guess my guard came up early because of the old saying “If it’s too good to be true, it probably is.” Be careful; be smart; and be skeptical!

I then googled “Amazon Payment Scam” and found this scam I found stuff dating back to 2005. I went back to Kijiji to get a screenshot of the ad but they had taken it down already.

Many people are paying for items online, and it’s becoming more common to even make large payments for items like cars and vacations.

You will have to make the payment to Amazon Payments.

The shipping will be started in 24 hours after your payment is confirmed. From the moment it arrives at your door, you will have 5 days to test and inspect it.

It was the first mechanically ventilated underwater vehicular tunnel, and it was also the first Hudson River crossing in New York City.

Old Photo - New York City 1927 - On November 13, the Holland Tunnel opened to traffic.

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